Lark & Key

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Lark & Key, which ran in British anthology series Wild Side, concerned the exploits of Travis Key, a canine agent for Galactic Security. Upon apprehending a thieving hare going under the name of "Lark," Key fell into a series of escallating issues involved in trying to deliver the insanely optimistic Lark to a stern and much-deserved justice. For his part, Lark wasted no time in promoting himself as the detective's "partner," in the hopes of winning a technical parole.

Drawn into an intergalactic conspiracy, the duo found themselves on the run from the sinister Hawke, while they tried to discover the nature of a mysterious gadget Lark had filched. The series ended in mid-stream due to a formatting change at the publishers.

The script of Lark & Key was by Mark Barnard and the artwork was by Terrie Smith, both of whom also created Havoc, Inc. for Radio Comix.