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For the artist, see Lapin Beau.

Lapin, formerly known as Andre Rabbit, (born September 8, 1982;[1] in Heidelberg, Germany) is a rabbit-fox furry.

Lapin grew up in North Georgia, USA. In 2006 she moved to Norfolk, Virginia with her (now)-ex. In early 2008, Lapin moved from Norfolk back to Buford, Georgia, where she shared an apartment with Diggla Badga, Misha the Goat, Yaoi_Bear, and Rizzo, but has since moved back to the North Georgia area and is attending school at Northeast Georgia Technical College.

As of 2012, she is living in the Portland, Oregon area.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Lapin has been in the furry fandom since around 2002. She is a part of the Georgia regional furry group called FLORA, and was on staff for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010.

She maintains several accounts on both Tapestries and Second Life. Her Tapestries user name is Lapin_Rabbit, and her Second Life user name is Lapin Bookmite.


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