Lands of Fire

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Lands of Fire is a gay furry visual novel based on the cultures and oral traditions of the Aboriginal Australian cultures and mythologies in pre-colonial Australia .

Written by Carlos Albuquerque, it features visual work from Oriont and Saintbullart (until the latter's resignation from the project). Most of its production has been primarily non-linear, but as of July 2022, multiple routes have been added for each love interest. It was completed in Feburary 2023. It is Rated R for mature content.


Kubbadang, a Yuin thylacine, is tasked by his elders to bring warriors from Budj Bim in order to fight off the hordes of monsters sent by the Sun Woman, who seeks to devour all of humanity. Along for the ride are his sister Guddity, his childhood friends Winyu (a rakali), Dhurra (a platypus), the Gamilaraay warrior Bangalaa (a sea eagle), the Arrernte kurdaitcha Perrurle (a kangaroo) and the mysterious medicine woman Bina (a goanna).

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