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Obsidian in all her mage gear, by Anjel Kitty

Obsidian Arcticglow, or Lady Obsidian, is a female black panther. She is an artist, mainly a writer, an avid reader, and a student of religion. She is openly Bisexual and has many friendships and relationships, all unique and deep in their own right.

She is a Dreamer, Writer, Singer, Druid-Mage.

Obsidian's interests include: reading, writing, role-playing, listening to music (all types), watching movies, chatting with her friends, spending time with her mates, friends and two cats, and being online. She is also an avid lover of the musical/movie Rent, and the fanfiction that can come with it.

She also enjoys spending time on various forums, including the adult furry site Yiffstar, a non-yiff role-playing site that she's a staff member at (The RPGConsortium) and deviantART.

Obsidian loves the art, the stories, the role-playing, and the many people she has met within the furry fandom. She was introduced to furry culture on 24 November 2004.

The Panther[edit]

Obsidian, around age 25 years old, looking inviting, by Kiara


Obsidian Arcticglow is from the world of Arievayl in the region of Trinity Run, where anthros frequent. She grew up the only child of Shade and Onyx Arcticglow, the Lord and Lady of Ebony Hall. The couple doted on their daughter, she wanted for nothing, and the young feline took full advantage of her parents attentions. Obsidian took to her own solitude and had very few friends, aside from her various tutors and trainers.

Obsidian was trained as a hunter and Mage, beginning at the age of 5 years old. Though she did excel in her magic works, the growing feline liked her hunting and tracking abilities better. During her teenage years, she had a young suitor, a lion, but she had him killed for not being loyal to her. It was then that Obsidian found she could manipulate others well, and she still fall back on that skill to this day. Since then, she has had many lovers, both male and female and of varying species, but has yet to find what she considers to be the true love of a mate.


Obsidian, at age 5 years old, by Anjel Kitty

Obsidian is an anthro black panther with smooth, soft fur. She stands about 5 foot 7 and has dark emerald green eyes and long silver hair with black streaks. She likes dark and sexy clothing, adoring the materials of leather, silk and satin. Her clothing tastes change as often as her moods.

Whatever she wears, when outside, she almost always covers it with a black or dark green hooded cloak that grazes the floor when she moves. When, in what she calls, "full mage gear", she adds a headpiece made of leather-weaved chain, that holds an emblem of a pentacle on it, on her head, so that the pentacle symbol rests in the center of her forehead.

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