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The cover of Laced!, drawn and designed by Ingrid "GrayWolf" Houwers

Laced! was a multi-artist portfolio of furry characters in corsets, rated "clean but teasing". It was organised by Ingrid "GrayWolf" Houwers, and sold at Anthrocon 2005.

Artists whose work were included in the portfolio include: Alpha_Ki, Aura_Moser, Bloodhound_Omega, Dingbat, Ingrid "GrayWolf" Houwers, Iisaw, Kanawinkie, Katarina, Mary_Minch, Megan_Giles, Naryu, Refleximage, Shadow_Wolf, Sighthoundlady, Swandog, Synnabar, Tania_Walker, Thaily, Tracy_Pierce, and visioncrafter.

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