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Lace Aurora
Roan and Lace
Lace at Anthrocon 2007
Roan posing for camera

Lace Aurora, also known as Lace Dassin on Second Life, is a fursuiter, actor, singer, and voice actor who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

He graduated from college with a BFA in computer animation and graphic design and does modeling on the side.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Lace has attended many furry conventions, starting with FWA in 2004, and is an avid fursuiter. Lace volunteers for a variety of not-for-profit groups and charities such as Helping Pawz. He has also contributed his time to several furry conventions, sites and events:

  • Moderator and coordinator of the Jacksonville Furs from 2004-2006
  • Assistant head and coordinator command of FWA security 2006
  • Head of security for FWA 2007
  • FurNation event manager/liaison
  • Basic fursuit performance panel Howloween 2008
  • Fursuit maintenance and shipping panel at RF08, RF09
  • Howloween after party bowling event coordinator 2009


  • Lace - A healthy, athletic built, male black wolf. His fur is mostly black, however he has white fur that runs from the under his muzzle, down the front of his neck and his body, down to his groin. He has two grey stripes on each side of his cheek followed by black headfur that extends out like hair with blue highlights running through it. Lace has light blue eyes and wears a necklace with three shark teeth on it or a black bandanna with paw prints on it.
  • Roan - A healthy, athletic built, coywolf (coyote/wolf hybrid). He has green eyes with blue in them and brown hair with blonde highlights. He also wears a jade fish hook necklace. His fur contains an array of patterns/colors and he has a white symbol on his back.

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