LXF: The League of Extraordinary Furries

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LXF: The League of Extraordinary Furries
Author(s) Elmer de Jesus
Update schedule weekly
Launch date November 1st, 2006
End Date Continuing
Genre Superheroes
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LXF: The League of Extraordinary Furries is a webcomic written by Elmer de Jesus.

The artwork is pencilled by Christian Pamulaklakin (cover - page 15) and Levi Michael Montehermoso (page 16 onward). The colors are done by Elmer de Jesus (page 1 - 5) and Thomas Prince (page 7 onward). Lance Bauer is the guest colorist that did the cover and page 6.


Inspired by such superhero comics as The Avengers and The X-Men, LXF: The League of Extraordinary Furries follows the stories of different furries whose lives are changed when they suddenly manifest unusual talents and abilities.

About the Author[edit]

Elmer de Jesus was born in the Philippines, and has been part of the furry community since 2005. His fursona is a red-colored bear named Wynther Knight.

Elmer enjoys reading about superheroes, and LXF is his first attempt at making a webcomic that combines superheroes and furries. His inspirations mostly come from other furry webcomics and webcomic writers, especially Graveyard Greg, creator of Furry!.

About the Artists[edit]

So far, LXF has had two different pencillers, one minor colorist, one major colorist and a guest colorist.

About the Pencillers[edit]

Christian Pamulaklakin was born in the Philippines, and is a friend and churchmate of the author. Aside from drawing, he also plays the guitar and bass, and is currently teaching.

Levi Michael Montehermoso was born in the Philippines and is a friend and co-worker of the author.

About the Colorists[edit]

Elmer de Jesus, the story's creator and author, colored the first five pages of the comic.

Thomas Prince lives in Jacksonville, Florida. His fursona is a ferret named Salen Stormwing, who is a major character in the comic.

Lance Bauer is a friend of the author.


Good Guys[edit]

  • Salen Stormwing is a billionaire philanthropist ferret with a big heart. He owns the Stormwing Foundation, a charitable organization that handles all types of assistance and projects ranging from environmental awareness and employment services to government assistance and even rescue missions.
  • Douglas St.George is a polar bear and Salen's friend and personal bodyguard. A kind-hearted fellow (if a bit overprotective at times) he is never far away from Salen’s side whenever he goes out on business trips.
  • Lt. Steven Brock is a true honorable wolf, known to be fair and just. He always upholds the law, but never forgets that there are always special cases and exception to the rules. Though a kind soul, he has also been known to be aggressive should the need arise.
  • Matthew Cabbal is a black colored house cat who is also Steven's friend and second-in-command. He and Steven have been on the force since they entered the academy and it was his idea to form the task force. Though rarely on the field, his greatest asset to the team is his tactical mind which he can make use of even when behind the desk.
  • Dyan Mcfarland is a rat and is the head of the Major Crimes Division. Growing up on the streets, he is as tough as they come.
  • Paige Meadows is a sweet young fox and part of the weapons division and also in change of training new recruits.
  • Sarah Whittley is a bear who is part of the Anti-terrorist division.
  • Rusty Carmichael is an eager young raccoon who is the newest member of the task force. A computer genius and somewhat of a gaming geek.
Salen and Brock's Task Force.

Bad Guys[edit]

  • Whitewulfe is a bitter, cold-hearted jackal that has lived all his life in misery, all due to the Stormwing family (or so he says). He joined the terrorist group "The Order of The Ebon Paws" after convincing them that he believes in their cause, but actually has quite a different agenda.
  • Bluebear is the codename given to the polar bear that is part of Whitewulfe's faction. He was liberated by the Order from the State penitentiary and has been making use of his exceptional hacking skills to further their cause.
  • Redhorse is a horse that is the second-in-command in Whitewulfe's faction. He doesn't like Whitewulfe much and his presence in the group is actually his request form the High Council of the Order. He wants to make sure that Whitewulfe be thrown out of the Order and has been waiting for him make a mistake.
  • Greendog is the psychologically imbalanced dog that is another member of Whitewulfe's faction. He served time in the Marines was dishonorably discharged due to his mental instability. He was being held in a mental institution when the Order saw a potential in him. They pulled some strings to make sure he was "transfered" to their care.
  • Blackbitch is the name of the final member of Whitewulfe's faction. An assassin that doesn't talk much and is seem to be very loyal to Whitewulfe. She is also quite secretive about what her species is because although she looks canine, she has two horns protruding out of her forehead.
  • The Order of the Ebon Paws is a world-wide know terrorist organization that has been responsible for several destructive acts against furrykind, both on the government and private institutions. They claim that they are the new incarnation of an organization of the same name that rose up during the Dark Ages, and that they are here to continue the work to purify the planet and start civilization anew with them at the helm.
Order of the Ebon Paws.

Other Characters[edit]

  • Wynther Knight is a red colored bear in league with a mysterious furry that seems to have their own agenda in being part of the whole conflict.

Super-powered Furries[edit]

An Anthro-Superhero webcomic is never complete without the staple Furry Superheroes and Supervillains that exists around the LXF universe. These characters will appear once Issue #1 starts.




So far only one issue has been publish which is still ongoing. New stories for upcoming issues are already on the works.

Issue #0.

Issue 0[edit]


A faction of the terrorist organization known as "The Order of the Ebon Paws" led by Whitewulfe seized control of Stormwing Television in an attempt to make a final confrontation with this hated enemy, Salen Stormwing. Can Steven Brock and his task force stop the terrorist before it's too late?

Characters counterparts[edit]

One of the unique things about LXF is that almost all of the major characters are actually fursonas of real people, most of whom the author met on LiveJournal. These furries are:

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