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For the America furry of the same name, see Kyo (skunk).

Kyo was a German classic media artist, with an affinity of working on airbrushed pieces, and a 3D animator. Joining the furry fandom in the late 1990s, he is best know for painting the cover of the Furry Fantasies music CD. He hosted an airbrushing workshop at Anthrocon 1999, and has attended such conventions as Further Confusion, Confurence, and Eurofurence.

It was at this latest one (Euroference 12, in 2006) where he showcased the teaser of his latest 3D animation, Streifen. Currently, he has no plans for more "traditional" style media due to an expressed lack the time for it. Future plans include an attendance to Eurofurence 13.

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