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Kofi Whitemane

The Kymellians are a fictional extraterrestrial race that have appeared in many Marvel Comics. They were introduced in the comic book Power Pack #1, in 1984, and appeared sporadically in that title, and a few others.

The Kymellians resemble humanoid horses (though the artwork in the original comics made them look more like seahorses; however, in later issues, they were definitely equine).

Kymellians have the latent potential for developing many superpowers. These include abilities they consider 'lesser' such as teleportation and healing, and other, 'major' ones. Apparently mastering the major powers is very rare among them, and the Kymellians call those among them who succeed "Sorcerers" (however, their powers are natural, not magical.)


Centuries ago, the Kymellians experimented with a formula to generate energy from anti-matter, but it caused an explosion that destroyed their home planet, Kymellia. However, many Kymellians survived, probably because they already had developed interplanetary travel. Eventually, they created a new home for themselves, a huge artificial world they named Kymellia II.

A few years ago (in Marvel Universe terms) a Kymellian named Aelfyre Whitemane (nicknamed "Whitey") and his "smartship" (a sentient starship, one of many used by Kymellians) which he called Friday (after the character in Robinson Crusoe - Whitey was a fan of Earth literature) where studying Earth when they found out that a human scientist named Dr. Power was about to commit the same mistake that led to the destruction of Kymellia. He tried to ask his people for permission to interfere and save the Earth, but his message was intercepted by the Kymellians' old enemies, the Zn'rx, whom Whitey called "Snarks", and they kidnapped Dr. Power and his wife in an attempt to gain the anti-matter formula. Whitey was mortally wounded in the process. Whitey managed to rescue Power's four children, and granted them the powers he had mastered as a Kymellian Sorcerer: control over gravity, the ability to fly, to change his molecular density, and to convert matter into energy. (The children also received the Kymellian healing power, but would only discover it later.) Whitey also gave them Friday to help them. Whitey then died and vanished without a trace (it is unknown if this is common to all Kymellians when they die.) The children used their new powers to save the world and their parents, and became the superhero group called Power Pack.

Months later, Power Pack (along with their Kymellian ally Kofi Whitemane, who was related to Whitey and Franklin Richards) traveled to Kymellia, in which they discovered to be an artificial satellite. However, they were disappointed to find out that most Kymellians thought poorly of Whitey for his actions, and that their culture was under the influence of a ruthless Kymellian called the Technocrat. The Pack had to fight the Kymellian champions, Force Four, a team of four Kymellian Sorcerers, composed of: Firemane, who had fire powers; Ghostmare, who could become intangible; Team Leader, who could invent anything, and Thunderhoof, who had super strength. The Pack defeated them, and then had to help save the Kymellians from the Snarks with Kofi's help. During these events, Ghostmare's powers expanded and she became The Matriarch, the Kymellians' spiritual leader. She led her people to a happier life in a new planet, Kymellia III.

The Technocrat later tried to regain control of his race, involving the Pack in his schemes. But the young heroes succeeded in defeating him.

The Kymellians continue to exist peacefully on Kymellia III.

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