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KwisA is a sound technician and fursuiter from the Netherlands.[1] His fursona is a wolf puppy, and he owns a fursuit named Sasha.

KwisA has appeared in the media several times over the years, trying to portray fursuiting and furs in a positive light.[1]. In 2008, he appeared with several other fursuiters on Dutch television in episodes of Valerio Duikt Onder ("Valerio Dives In") and Man bijt hond ("Man Bites Dog").[2][3]

KwisA is an IRC operator on the Furtopia network.[4]

In 2007, he helped with organising aspects of MewYear 2.

In 2011, he acted as sound technician and foley artist on the film Bitter Lake.[1]


KwisA has attended the following conventions:[5]


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