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Num8, also known as KurwaSuka, is a grey wolf and a fursuiter from France. Num8 appeared in episode 407 of the Funday PawPet Show.[1]


Num8 has a grey husky partial fursuit, going by the name of Mizuri.[2] The suit was built by WhiteyFawks at Arend Studios in 2006, and was first worn at Eurofurence 12.


Num8 made claims via LiveJournal that he was diagnosed with metastatic brain cancer. The Funday PawPet Show crew and viewers raised over $2000 to bring him to the United States to visit with various members of the fandom and to attend DisneyWorld.

After his return to France, follow up posts were made by a person who claimed to be a close friend of Num8's, updating on his condition. In July 2009, Num8 posted on his LiveJournal account that he had fabricated the whole story[3] and promised to make restitution to those who had donated to the cause.


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