Kuro the Wolf

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Kuro the Wolf is a furry artist, furry writer, and roleplay, active in the fandom since May 2007.


Kuro the wolf's fursona is a black cursed wolf, who often shapeshifts into a shiba inu, snow leopard, dragon, or jackal.
Kuro has written "Reminiscences" including Guardian the cougar, and fan-based characters such as Roxas and Axel from Kingdom Hearts.

Name: Kuro
Sex & Gender: Female
Species: Canine - Italian Wolf
Fur color: Charcoal, black ears, cyan blue stars and cyan fur from chest down through underside of tail.
Eye color: Cyan blue
Accessories: Double ear piercings, cartilage piercing and navel piercing.
Astrological sign: Libra

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