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KuroKitten87 is an artist whose species is "Black Cat".[1]


In late October 2011, two posts were made to the LiveJournal artists_beware community about her. The October 28th post was titled False Contests: KuroKitten87[2]. The next day, skirtandzy posted (having posted earlier that month about KuroKitten87[3]) "over 1 year since my initial A_B post, and 18 months since the trade I made with Kuro, I have still yet to receive anything from her."[4]

KuroKitten87 posted a Fur Affinity journal entry stating

I was trying to fix my mistake, but because you all believe what you will, even me posting this here wont really matter, because you wont believe me anyway at this point, but I am trying to fix what I have done and thats[sic] all I can do. And since I cant[sic] post this to A_B I am posting it here. [...]

So you will all see what happens when they get their stuff and prove that I really wasnt[sic] lying about it.[5]


Kayla_la confirmed in a comment on LiveJournal "She was banned for sockpuppeting, yes."[6]

On November 2, 2011, there was an update post stating "This weekends[sic] turn of events from this previously titled entry A_B post has been resolved. I wish nothing but the best for the rest of the people KuroKitten owes; I hope you ALL receive what she needs to send you and begins to slowly rebuild what reputation she has left, back."[7]


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