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Kuro-Kai is the long-lost Aisha Rolentaes evolved name. (also known as Kuro-Kaisha = a very brief nickname between transitions, Aisha, Kai ((one of several apparently in the fandom)), Kai the Chanti, KaiChanti YiYuan, Kaikai and Cassandra) After her several years of working reg desk at Project A-kon, she launched the initial Texas Furry Convention in 2004. Due to personal health issues, she did not pursue it after its inaugural year. She has only recently returned to the community under the new guise of Kai the Chanti - a Chanti being the Chinese Manticore species of her creation - and is currently pursuing her Masters and Doctorate in English.

A lifelong Texas fan, she can be found wearing burnt orange at nearly any public meet or convention. She is a graduate of the University of Texas as of 2006 and has expressed interest in returning to the university to teach Creative Writing or Uncommon Mythological Origins once her doctorate is obtained.

Second Life[edit]

On Second Life, she can be found as KaiChanti YiYuan with her irl fiancee Supersexyserpent Silvera. Kai co-ran Cyfur Citadel (built by Valdyr Dreamscape - owner of Dragon Dream Designs), was the first designer of Drachenstein (later remodeled by the owner/director Swythe Armistice) and formally managed Drachen and Amaru through Draconian Enterprises/Estates. She was the previous owner and event coordinator for Constellation (a nightclub) that used to reside where CyFur Citadel stood before it was shut down.

She is also known as a former Big'Uns dancer and a former event coordinator for Club Gravid. Most of her time these days goes towards custom builds for those she knows or for clients willing to wait patiently for her designs. She's the first to admit she is incredibly slow at commissions and thus to compensate for her speed, does not take payment upfront.


Kuro-Kai's artistry has evolved over the years from anime style to cartoony realism. Her older pieces tend to have subject matter based on hermaphroditic entities whilst her newer creations are tuned to pregnancy themes. Her media is ever-changing and she makes it a point to try to do a piece of art in any media handed to her. Recently, she has attempted to take an approach to create a cleaner portfolio while still taking on unique subject matters. She has been published in the Library of Congress for her satirical humor poem on the SAT's but has not revealed any attempt to publish her fictitious literary works. Her older poetry - and her one sample of extended prose - can be found on her FurAffinity page.

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