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Kurapicat Creations is a fursuit building business founded by Maibey and is assisted with internet tasks by Hibi (aka AiTsukino).[1][2] It debuted around 2015 April. As of August 27, they sell fursuit paws, tails, heads and partial-fursuits.

On 2015 April 13, Maibey announced fursona Kurapicat would be the face of the logo for Maibey's fursuit company.[3] The first blog mentioning Kurapicat Creations was posted 2015 May 1 to Maibey's blog at Fur Affinity.[4] The first upload mentioning Kurapicat Creations by name was posted a day later on 2015 May 2 to Maibey's gallery at Fur Affinity.[5]


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