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Kumalo[1] was a lion from The Lion King MUCK who was around during 1996. He came from a far-off unnamed pride of lions with pelts of dark brown and numerous scars. The pride was searching for better land to take over, and Kumalo had come ahead to scout things out. He sought after the lion cub Rama, his nephew, who was colored the tawny of other lions, and was to be the 'bright lion king' of Kumalo's pride. Rama had been sent to the Pride Lands to keep him safe. Kumalo teamed up with the lion Naiko and his pride with the apparent intent of giving Pride Rock to Naiko as long as he got control of Naiko's lands shortly thereafter. He was allowed to stay on Naiko's lands until he took over Pride Rock. His crimes include:

  • Murdering Amathambo's son Ignwe, a panther cub
  • Murdering Chaka, King of Pride Rock
  • Convincing Rama to go with him and subsequent torture of the cub
  • Claiming Pride Rock as his own
  • Attempted murder of Siombe, King of the Kopje Valley, by means of a poisonous dart placed by the meerkat Saratex
  • Plotting to wipe out Naiko and his pride
  • Murdering Saratex

Ultimately, Siombe made a recovery and killed Kumalo near Pride Rock, just prior to chasing after his pregnant mate Zalima and finding what would become the Celestial Volcano. The enormous pride he supposedly had never showed up, and was forgotten to the passage of time.

The Pride[edit]

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