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Kuma-Chan is a furry who spends much of his time on Second Life as kumachan twang.

Kuma-Chan was a furry writer, but gave up furry writing in 2006 because he felt no-one wanted to read anything other than yiffy stories.

Banzuke Series 1 and 2[edit]

Kuma-Chans first and main series, Series 1 was pretty much the first writing he'd done since Secondary school and mainly was done as he was sick of all the "Once upon a time, 2 furs met, had sex, the end" type stories that made up the majority of furry writing back then. Kuma's a huge fan of ongoing episodic animated series, particularly the ones by BRB Internacional www.brb.es (Dogtanian, Around the World with Willy Fog, Sandokan) so that was always the vibe he was looking for and how he *saw* them in his head. A lot of music is mentioned throughout the series particularly the German techno group Scooter (before they went all Jumpstyle + crap), so readers can kind of have a *soundtrack*.

Series one pretty much introduces the characters and was originally going to be set in England, but Kuma made up a separate set of English charas so he wouldn't make American readers feel too alienated. He later set Gruffs Gym in Surrey, England where he lives in real life and also included a Cornish character which is where he was born complete with phonetic written accent.

Sky Spirits[edit]

Written at the same time as Banzuke, Kuma isn't particularly proud of this series or its sequels and it was moved to the files section of his KC-CK group and replaced by Gruffs Gym on his Furnation website. Writing Sky Spirits taught Kuma that you CAN'T *Make stuff up as you go along* or without much pre planning, if you want Kumas TOP TIPS for writing read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monomyth or the book Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays by Laurent Bouzereau. Writing Sky Spirits also taught him that writing Science Fiction really wasn't for him, neither was comedy [He started a campy humor Furry He-Man Spoof called Ur-So Disaster of the Univerce that he abandoned]

Banzuke Series 3[edit]

This was originally going to start differently, more with the characters having to grow up and accept more adult responsibilities etc but Kuma kinda steered away from that deciding to cover it more gently and keep it more for the intended *End* of the series.


Lumbar Feles Servusi [Loincloth clad slaves] was Kuma's last series.

Kuma has several half finished eps of most of his series, but all his time and energy is spent on Secondlife now [As Kumachan Twang], he builds and heavily modifies AVs and runs the Shohoku Sumo Beya and SL Furry Bears groups.

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