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Kudzumai Kinomis is a female furry fan who lives in the Netherlands.

Starting off on Second Life during High School, she never really put much interest in the virtual world until Second Life was used as a case-study at her 'new media' orientated university education. During college she has done various research amongst Second Life residents and especially within the furry community, focusing on the similarities between avatar identity and offline identity. As a furry she's mostly seen as a canine but tends to shapeshift every once in a while. Modding avatars and landscaping are her favorite hobbies in Second Life.


Kudzumai Kinomis became part of FurPleasure's staff by request of her good friend Kit Keiko, CEO of FurPleasure. Starting off as a deejay, she soon became more involved in administrative and management decisions and proved to have valuable input on moving FP forward as a brand and as community. She became General Manager during the summer of 2010 and spent a lot of time trying to revive the old management roles for dancers, deejays and guards.

Recent development in real life caused Kudzumai Kinomis to help FurPleasure behind the scenes instead of being a front-woman. She stands next to Kit Keiko while dealing with the daily issues of running FurPleasure and is always there for advice when needed.

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