Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich

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Krystal not enjoying a sandwich

"Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich" was a popular meme on Fur Affinity created July 22, 2007.

Cbee, an artist on Fur Affinity, drew a picture of Krystal from Star Fox eating a sandwich on June 9th, 2007.[1] On July 22nd, he posted a landscape with the previous Krystal picture in the foreground, stating:

The original Krystal art piece by Cbee
Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich
I originally drew this while being on a Bob Ross high on the Kemonoart oekaki board. Krystal was added as an afterthought and to meet an unwritten "must contain furry" rule.[2]
Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich

An FA user "krystalcantenjoyhersandwich" inserted cbee's drawing of Krystal into photographs of disastrous events which might be expected to make her sad, and uploaded them to Fur Affinity. cbee considered his own work free to use, and other artists created and posted their own art based on the theme. However, when a character drawn by another artist was included in a picture, it resulted in a complaint.[3]

Cbee was banned (though the ban was overturned shortly afterward), along with krystalcantenjoyhersandwich, the account that uploaded a number of parody images; both had the art related to the meme removed. However, by that time, many FA users had started uploading parody art often featuring their own fursonas in a similar pose to the original art, demonstrating that they also cannot enjoy their sandwich (or other item). In four days, over 300 individual pieces of art had been produced on Fur Affinity alone.[4] FurAffinity self-effacingly joined the bandwagon by editing their then-current banner to contain the meme (Fender eating his tie, drawn by Muzz). For a while, WikiFur also replaced their banner with the picture of Krystal.


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