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Kritter (aka Kritterfox, born February 9th, 1984) is an Arctic fox who loves mud and quicksand, which gives him the nickname of "the muddy fox". His fur is white, with black fur on his tail tip, ear tips, and to his elbows and knees. He also has black headfur. Kritter is commonly seen wearing his orange t-shirt and blue jeans. Kritter was first created on March 12th, 2002 as a twin brother to Krishna the Arctic fox.

Kritter enjoys drawing in his free time, doodling various art with themes such as WAM or bondage. He is a self taught artist and prides himself on the fact that he's come a long way on his own since he started drawing late 2002.

Kritter was mated to Felixpath, a fruit bat who also draws various yiffy material. More recently, however, the two broke up. There is also another Kritterfox who inhabits LiveJournal under the said name, but is another totally different fur altogether.

History of Kritter Kritter once was known as Sasquatch on Yahoo! Clubs (Now known as Yahoo! Groups). During this time, Kritter RPed as Sabin Rene Figaro in a Text Based RPG for Final Fantasy 6. According to the story, Sabin was the younger twin brother of Edgar Roni Figaro, the King of Figaro. The player who played as Edgar introduced Sasquatch to the world of Fur, helping him create a “Twin” version of his own Furry persona, Krishna Defier. The result was Kritter Defier, the younger Arctic Fox Twin.

The Defier brothers swore that they would create a story together based on their heroic personas, but no such story has yet been written.

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