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Th' buni or, on occasion, buni, is the pseudonym of Kristina Tracer. She lives in the Seattle, Washington region with her wife, Jessie. She is primarily known within the fandom as a writer.


"Th' buni" or "buni" is the not a fursona, per se, but rather a highly-variable reflection of self that can and will change rapidly based on current mood. Th' buni is always a rabbit or at least rabbit-shaped, and always mostly female—as distinct from being mostly always female—but has been depicted as a myriad of different forms, including

  • a large but purely zoomorphic snowshoe hare of high animal intellect
  • a mostly zoomorphic snowshoe hare of low human intellect and a hundred-word vocabulary
  • a pre-adolescent anthropomorphic snowshoe hare with the same vocabulary
  • an adult anthropomorphic snowshoe hare
  • a plush rabbit of indeterminite size
  • a steampunk "magitech" clockwork rabbit animated via alchemical means and overlaid with a lifelike plush coat
  • an anthropomorphic-rabbit-shaped sapient self-sufficient nanocolony

Prior to this, Kristina represented herself as LoveBear, a mostly-zoomorphic male grizzly bear.

Creative projects[edit]

Kristina Tracer has had several several short works of fiction published in various media, including:

In addition to her short works, th' buni has also written the following novels:


Prismatic Media[edit]

Th' buni is one of the members of Prismatic Media and also serves as one of the group's system administrators.


Th' buni maintains her personal diary at The Literorrery, wherein she details the curious intersection of a polyamorous polysexual transmodern posthumanist and the so-called "real world."

Furry Writers' Guild[edit]

Th' buni is a member of The Furry Writers' Guild.

Roleplay and chat[edit]

While th' buni has been an avid role-player for most of her life, she has actually done very little in terms of online roleplay within the fandom. Th' buni is active on TFnet IRC as one of the administrators. In addition, she was a longtime participant of Puzzlebox MUCK as Roque and continues to preserve close ties with that community and its ongoing projects.


Kristina Tracer worked for Anthrocon for several years under SusanDeer and later KP as part of Programming. She then migrated to the Publications department, working for Xydexx on the Anthrocon Con Book as an editor. She retired from Anthrocon staff after the 2010 convention. Since 2013, she has worked for RainFurrest as head of programming, until 2016 when she resigned from the board of directors.

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