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Kris Kelley is a furry currently living in Kingwood, Texas. He has a degree in computer science, and currently works in the field as well.[1]


Toledo J. Mustelix is a 17-year-old black and white skunk with black eyes. He is, for the most part, easy-going and fun-loving, but can be rather cynical at times. He is Kris's personal furry.[2]

Natasha Cassandra Mustelix is a 20-year-old brown and white skunk with blue eyes. She is Toledo's sister, and can and often is even more cynical than his brother. She has experienced many failed relationships in her life, but tries to keep a friendly attitude anyways. Natasha started as a way for Kris to experiment various things, including role-playing a female character. She also offered Kris, who grew up an only child, an opportunity to explore sibling relationships.[2]

Tolouse J. Fox is a 24-year-old red fox with greyish blue eyes. He was Kris's first alter-ego. Tolouse can often be found lurking in the shadows of public areas, daydreaming.[2]


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