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Krezz Karavan, or just Krezz (born June 19, 1968 - died June 21, 2022), was an artist who created art of furry interest.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Although Krezz's works were mainly anthropomorphic, he did not consider himself a furry. Krezz started his own website in 2010.


Krezz's art Influences were mostly of a modern Western-animated cartoon art style, and his media were colorful and (mostly) erotic in nature.

Along with also being one of the members of the Palcomix team, his artwork had at one time or another appeared on The Jab Archives, WWOEC, Fur Affinity, Cubcentral and DeviantArt, among others.


Krezz was the author of the adult funny animal webcomic, School Days.


Karavan suffered from hepatic encephalopathy, a liver-related neurological disorder that causes episodes of dizziness and mental confusion. It was during one of these episodes that Karavan fell and hit his head, fatally.[1]


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