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Krenshar is a magical beast from Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. It first appeared in year 2000, in third edition's Monster Manual. Kreshnar is a cat-like carnivore with shaggy grey and brown spotted fur. It also has features of hyena and wolf. Its trademark ability is pulling back facial skin to reveal skull and muscles and scare its enemies. This is accompanied by supernatural screech which only other krenshars are immune to.

Although krenshars are quadrupedal and have no language, they are among many zoomorphic playable characters of D&D 3td edition. Some furries have played as krenshar by rules of D&D or in online RP-communities.[1]

Krenshars' behavior is close to that of big cats. They live and hunt in prides. Both males and females participate in the hunts. Solitary scouts track prey and scare it into pride's ambush. Krenshar are very social among their own kind and are sometimes domesticated to produce fierce loyal companion animals.

Fan art[edit]

There is only one official art that shows krenshar's true face. Since it's a web-released concept art, it's not well known, and krenshar fans often try to create their own versions of creature's face.

Examples of anthro-krenshars:

Examples of zoomorphic krenshars:


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