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Koze's fursona

Koze (born Suzanne Gonzalez on September 28, 1989) is an amateur furry artist and fursuiter who resides in Miami, Florida. She was a former administrator on the former largely populated adult furry forum Furry to Furry and is now currently studying art in college.


The name Koze was originally a corruption of the name KOS-MOS, a main character from the three part role-playing video game, Xenosaga.

Koze's interest in anthro characters peaked in April 2005 when she joined the LiveJournal art community, the Harvesters. In June 2006, her fursona, Koze came to life.

Koze the Fursona[edit]

One of the first renditions of Koze

Koze began initially as a purple and orange bat with disconnected floating wings. A few months later, Koze's obsession with the band Mindless Self Indulgence peaked and decided to add ferret aspects to her character.

Over time, as the artists' skills progressed, Koze's fur color lightened a lavender color, and less saturated colors were used.

In November 2007, Koze's wings were removed because of her lack of confidence drawing wings and for character simplicity when she attempted to join EnterVOID

In mid 2008, Koze was given larger ears and more-bat-like qualities. In November 2008, the artist declared Koze's official species as a mix between a Mindoro-Stripe Faced Fruit Bat and Fennec fox.

In 2010, the fennec half was discarded, and Koze became a Bat-German Shepherd hybrid.

Koze as a Bat-German Shepherd hybrid, as done by Squeedgemonster

Summer 2011, Koze was no longer a bat hybrid, but a purebred German Shepherd, and shortly thereafter, her colors changed from purple to tan, brown and cream. Minor tweaks have been made between then and the present, but for the most part, she's been the same.

Koze as a natural colored German Shepherd

The Lichdog and Other Fursonas[edit]

Towards the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2010, Koze created a Mascot dubbed 'lichdog' which is a blue colored German Shepherd with glowing eyes, pointy teeth and a mischievous grin. It shares several markings similar to Koze, with slight differences. "lich", "lichdog" and any affectionate variations are all variations Koze has adopted as an online alias, especially in gaming.

Lichdog reference

Besides her namesake, Koze, she also has several other fursonas including a hyena, fox and behemoth.

Koze owns a fursuit character named Grinder, who was built by Fishbone Creations.[1]. He exists as a partial suit, with 3-D eyes, hands, feet, and sleeves for arms and legs as well as a five foot tail. She received him in 2010 and debuted him at Anthrocon 2010. The character Grinder is based on the Final Fantasy variation of Behemoths, particularly from the 10th game, with her own variations on the design.

Personal Life[edit]

Koze was born in Miami, Florida and resided there most of her life. Following her high school graduation in June 2008, she moved upstate with her older sister to attend college and help her sister. In December 2009 she moved to Colorado Springs with her boyfriend at the time. Following their breakup later in October 2010, Koze moved back to Miami and has been living there ever since and was able to begin her college career.

Besides drawing, Koze enjoys public outings with friends, concert-going, rollerblading and playing video games, especially League of Legends.


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