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A headshot of Kovu, drawn by Mackoolzie on Twitter.

Kovuah, or just Kovu (born September, 19, 2003), is a dragon who was born, and lives, in Israel.

Kovu is a furry artist, fursuiter and a MILFur who's interested in gaming, setups, and content creation.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kovu wearing glasses and a bandana.


Kovu's fursona is an agender dragon.

Their design is based on a 52Toys toy called BeastBOX BB10 Dio (Police Edition), and their horns are based on Zero Two's horns.


Kovu's fursuits were created by themself.

They have made 2 fursuits of their old fursona; as of October, 2018, Kovu first fursuit was discarded, and as of April, 2020, Kovu's second fursuit was in the works.

Kovu's newest suit was made November 2021, and have not yet been worn to conventions and meetups.

Kovu is not a silent suiter, and is known to wear their kigurumi when suiting in cold weather.

Convention Attendance[edit]

As of 2021, Kovu has yet to attend international conventions, and had only attended local, and online conventions:

Israeli Furry Community Involvement[edit]

Kovu began being an active member of the Israeli Furs Community in 2016. They managed several community servers and groups, and took it upon themself to make the community easy to be found; helping other Israel Furries find community servers and groups, and giving information about the fandom through their Israeli Furries website. They have founded Znavot - a meetup group which will be in charge of coming up with meetups, private and public for the Israeli Furry Community to enjoy.

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