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Kovu's first fursuit photo

KovuTheHusky, or just Kovu (real name Kevin Breslin;[1] born on November 19, 1990),[2] is a gay male fursuiter, programmer, computer scientist, and video gamer who lives in New York, New York, USA, with his husband NightWolf1298 and boyfriend camwuff.[3]

Fandom involvement[edit]

KovuTheHusky has been a member of the furry fandom since February 2006, the founder and administrator of both MyFursona, a social networking website for members of the fandom, and Yiffbase, a website (and an associated W:C (programming language)C# based web crawler) that indexes furry art from other websites.

He is the assistant director of the charity department at the furry convention Furpocalypse and worked in the Dealers Den/Artists Alley department at Pine Fur Con until it ended in 2019.

In October 2022, he founded Furcationland, the spiritual successor to Pine Fur Con, and is its current con chair.[4]


Kovu's first fursona was a grey and white Siberian Husky made in 2010 named Kovu.[5] In 2011, his coat was changed to cyan and green[6] and thus became his current fursona.

On December 20, 2019, he posted a reference sheet of Kovu, drawn by furry artist NeonSlushie.[7]


His fursuit was made by MoreFurLess, posting about it on his X account on May 13, 2020.[8]

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) Con chair
(**) Staff member


Kovu's interests include the fandom, web development, web standards, programming, and video and tabletop games.


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