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Kouchainu (紅茶犬, born 1985) [1] is a Japanese amateur comic/manga artist. Kouchainu mostly draws female kemono for all ages with some sexual expressions.

In the 2000s, Koichainu was active as name "Galtie (がるてぃー)". Galtie launched his website "Animal Trail Web" in 2001. In the middle of the 2000s, Galtie contributed some manga works to some doujinshis on Doggy bag under Akira Kannazuki.[2] In c2003, Galtie closed Animal Trail Web.

It may be in 2010 that Galtie restarted his artistic activities after renaming his name "Kouchainu".[3] Kouchainu joined the female kemono doujinshi circle "0score" under Mikan Fuyuno (冬野みかん)[4] and on the other hand contributed some manga works to doujinshis on Hoshifutatsu under Yoona etc.

In 2016, Kouchainu launched his douinshi circle "Sakasa Lump (サカサランプ)" and started the series of doujin manga "Hachigatsu no Flamme Rouge (August Flamme Rouge, 八月のフラムルージュ)", the story of a anthromorphic Cheetah girl who joins the club activity of cycling sport in a high school. In the same year, August Flamme Rouge was translated into English with the help of his friend, with proofreading by Pyritie.[5][6]


Original Works[edit]

  • Hachigatsu no Flamme Rouge (August Flamme Rouge, 八月のフラムルージュ, 2016~)


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