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Kori Collie

Kori Collie (born March 31, 1985) is a fursuiter whose fursona is a male Border Collie. Originally from from Duncan (Vancouver Island), British Columbia, Canada, he lives in Calgary, Alberta.


Kori discovered the furry fandom during the Anime Convention "Kei-kon" in Victoria, British Columbia, in 2008. He documented most of the convention through pictures and videos, and later shared them with friends, through social networking. Upon doing so, one of his close friends pointed out a "furry" in one of his videos. Kori, unfamiliar with the term, later researched and discovered furry fandom through Wikipedia. He felt an instant connection and appreciation for the culture, and soon began exploring the furry fandom online.

It wasn't until nearly one year later that Kori started becoming comfortable with the furry subculture. Starting a new job in Duncan, BC, and meeting some new friends who were in the furry fandom, Kori gained confidence and started to identify himself with a fursona. Kori found a connection with the Border Collie and started planning a way to make a fursuit.


Kori fursuit

In April, 2010, Kori flew to Calgary for the & Entertainment Expo. There, he ran into a display stand run by local furry Temperance, who specialized in commission art-work and partial/full fursuits. Kori made discussion with Temperance and exchanged contact information.

Early next month Kori continued conversation with Temperance and agreed upon a final design for a fursuit. After about a month, Kori the Collie was born due to the talented workmanship of Temperance. The fursuit was shipped to Duncan, BC and arrived by early July. The first public event for Kori was the Duncan summer festival, where Kori participated in the local parade.


Kori set out on a mission to find other Island furries. To his discovery, he found that the once thriving VIfur website had been shut down and was no longer functional. Further research found that no furmeets were being regularly held any longer. Kori set out to change this, and invested into designing a new website that would become the future home of VIFurry.ca.

After about a month, VIFurry was launched in the fall of 2010. There are a total of 14 members currently registered on the website, with more joining all the time. VIFurry has helped host numerous furmeets, has online forums, news feeds, galleries and more.

Out & About

Kori Collie has been spotted numerous times on and around Vancouver Island. Kori Collie made his first public appearance at the Duncan Days parade. He has taken place in several photo-shoots with other cosplayers. He has also been spotted on BC Ferries between the Departure and Horseshoe Bay route. Kori has also been seen around the Twisted Mug Cafe downtown Duncan, BC. The owners and employees have been very supportive and welcoming of Kori Collie.


Kori accepted a job in Calgary, and moved to Alberta to accommodate his new position. Kori has so far spent 6 months living in Calgary, AB. During which time he connected with the local furry community and engaged in a ton of volunteering for the Calgary Zoo. In a strange turn of events, Kori was allegedly planning on returning to the island, however, he stayed. Kori Collie now resides with another local fur in Calgary, AB.

Kori has openly connected with the local furs via Albertafurries.ca. He has since participated in two public events, the first being in Edmonton for the promotional photoshoot for Fur-Eh! The second being at the annual Boo @ the Zoo event, where he volunteered with other furs at the Calgary Zoo.

Interests Writing music, road trips, coffee and a great conversation, comics, the outdoors.

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