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Frysco (also known as Kootenay) is a fursuiter who lives in Toronto, Ontario. Originally from England, he moved to California in July 1997, to British Columbia in October 2003, and then to Ontario in January 2018.

Frysco hosts several furry sites under, which also used to host many convention photographs (before people tended to prefer places like Flickr). He also hosted Flayrah, which he led from mid-2006 to 2009.

Frysco is a gryfsune - a hybrid of kitsune and gryphon. Originally resembling a grey fox, Frysco was created as a character for the Sinai MUCK. When Frysco was about to gain his sixth kitsune tail, he became aware of his gryphon ancestry (on his father's side) and instead became part gryphon, sprouting bright Rainbow lorikeet feathers.

Frysco's player also has two other characters he regularly brings to life: Kootenay (a Steller's Jay), and Athra (a Khajiit).

Frysco has a number of fursuits, including:[1]

Frysco has been on the staff for Howloween, Further Confusion (for which he was convention chairman in 2009), Everfree Northwest, BronyCAN, and currently is the business director for Furnal_Equinox, having started in that position for the 2019 event.

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