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Koori Highwinter, also known as KooriKitsune, or just Koori, formerly as Koori Mentorion Kitsune, is a digital artist and graphic designer residing in Sweden.


Koori Highwinter picked up visual art as a main subject around 2007, two years before studying graphics and web design at IT-Gymnasiet i Skövde and has since been attempting different styles and techniques to adapt to his own liking.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Koori first noticed the furry fandom in 2007 through a picture drawn by Stormdragon Blue, that lead him to deviantART, where he soon created an account to further follow StormDragonBlue's progress with art.

A few times he got linked to Fur Affinity, but the website never really caught his attention until he saw that StormDragonBlue had account there as well, whereupon he made an account there too, and decided to upload the first picture of his fursona. Ever since then Koori's friend circle has grown copiously, and is now a more open person as he had found like-minded people on Fur Affinity.


His fursona is a male, one-tailed, blue-furred kitsune, created in 2007, and shares the alias as his name.

The first drawing was a simple mugshot, and though it disappeared when he moved to a new house it sparked interest in the first redesign of Koori's fursona. From having an incredible complicated fur pattern and being a species no-one knew of, his fursona developed into the kitsune with a fox's fur pattern (with a blue palette) he is known as today.

Koori's fursona was at first meant as an internet alias, but has - as the years have passed - developed into an alter-ego of the real-life Koori. It is through roleplaying Koori has been able to complete his fursona even further; not with design, but characteristics, background and general traits.


Koori's art-style is fairly plain and albeit mostly inspired by the common anime and manga he discovers, he is trying to get a more realistic touch to it in terms of anatomy and concepts.


The softwares he uses to bring his ideas alive are Easy PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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