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Kooky Bandit is a fursuiter who lives in Shropshire, England. Her fursona is a purple crux/kangaroo/fox hybrid with long gangly limbs, lots of tattoo-like markings, and rainbow hair.

Kooky owns four fursuits, each of which she constructed herself:

  • Shok, a red and purple fox partial. Shok was the first fursuit made by Kooky.
  • Antidote, a green and red snake/wolf/dragon/demon hybrid. Antidote is a partial fursuit.
  • Abe, a brown and green floppy-eared kangaroo. Abe is a fullsuit.
  • Tundra, a realistic white dragon who is a fullsuit.


Kooky found out about the furry fandom in March, 2012, when she was planning a large project as part of her first cosplay. While searching through various costumes, she came across fursuits. Afterwards she was completely hooked on them and went on to build Shok. Afterwards it became apparent that she had actually been in to anthropomorphic animals for some time and had techinically been a furry for a few years previous to actually learning of the term. Before becoming a furry she had technically already got a fursona known as steelheartdragon. Steelheart dragon is a large colour changing dragon covered with fur and with a heart shaped tail tip and steel helmet. Kooky aims to eventually open a succesfull fursuit building bussiness under the name of inky paws creations.

Kooky likes techno and dubstep music, and drawing.

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