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Konomichi in his fursuit

Konomichi, or just Kono, also known as Wubwah (born June 7th),[1] is a furry DJ and fursuiter from Florida, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Konomichi was put on the spotlight due to a video posted on Twitter of his sister finding out he was a furry, and her over-the-top reaction about it.[2] The original tweet continues to amass "likes" and "retweets" to this day.[3]

His Telegram stickers,[4] created for him by artist Rileyy, are also fairly popular among users of the app, amassing a large annount of downloads.[5]


His fursona, Liraz "Kono" Konomichi, is a 4'10" (1.24 meters) red panda with regular markings, a red streak in his hair, and glasses.[6]


Knonomichi's fursuit was created by Heads&Tails Studios.

Convention attendance[edit]


Konomichi has released a few singles and remixes on his Soundcloud account. He also releases his sets on Mixcloud.


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