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Koneko, art by Enigma.

Koneko (born the 19th of January, 1988) is a furry from the south-western suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Living local to Brisbane, he is referred to mostly as 'Koneko' or more recently known as TinyCat.

He is registered on Fur Affinity under the username TinyCat.

Despite having despised furry puns initially, eventually he took a shining to them, and now coins and uses them. He has a great fondness for the black and white checker-print pattern and claims to be a "Professional Furry".


Pronounced Koh-Neh-Koh, not Koh-Nee-Koh as it is often mispronounced.

Koneko's name is actually a play on words. His first name is Koneko, meaning 'Kitten' or 'Small Cat' in Japanese. While his last name is Maneki, a word placed in front of Neko (cat) to indicate the lucky becoming cat, Maneki Neko.

Koneko's actual full name is Helian Raiga Maneki.


Koneko Maneki claims he is a male tabby cat furry, but is in fact a liger. He keeps this a secret in belief that he will not be called short.

Koneko seems to have an affliction towards foods of the salty nature and distracts himself with items such as popcorn, ham and salty crackers. He has also been known to apply his tongue anything remotely salty such as his skin, some metal surfaces and blood.

Due to Koneko's name, personality, mannerisms, stature, voice and tidiness, he has been often mistaken for a female and will become enraged when aware that someone has made this mistake.


Koneko is of Keppongo (Japanese) and Austailian (Australian) origin. Kidnapped as a child, his first memory after seeing his family for the last time was waking up in a sack with a sandwich on a roadside of Texas, Afurica (U.S.A.).

Since then he has returned home to see his family;

  • Dande Maneki (father - lion, named after Dandelions)
  • Lilly Maneki (mother - tiger, named after Tiger Lilies)
  • Narci Maneki (sister - jaguar, named after Daffodils)
  • Lavandula Maneki (sister - panther, named after Lavender)
  • Nympha Maneki (sister - cougar, named after Water Lilies)
  • Tulipa Maneki (twin sister - leopard, named after Tulips)
  • Telopea Maneki (twin sister - Snow leopard, named after Waratahs)
  • Plume Maneki (sister - cheetah, named after Frangipanies)
  • Acacia Maneki (sister - lynx, named after Wattle)
  • Helian Maneki (self - liger, named after Sunflowers)

Fighting style[edit]

Koneko's fighting style primarily utilities a Katana. He chooses to make well of his small size and natural agility to combat in a light-weight samurai style.

Koneko has limited training in Miyamoto Usagi's (title character of Usagi Yojimbo comic) Two-swords-under-one-heaven.

TinyCat meme[edit]

Also known as TinyCat is Everywhere!

In the fandom, Koneko has a 3-inch tall alternate form that goes by the name of TinyCat. Tinycat is more alert, eccentric and comical than usual and is known for being everywhere at once. In a similar fashion that pan-dimensional beings are amongst all existence at all points in time but more mortal, tiny and cat-like. The phrase 'TinyCat is Everywhere!' is usualy left in places that he has been. However it should be noted that he cannot leave any point of space and thus is still there due to the rule that TinyCat is in fact everywhere.

The 8 laws of TinyCat are as follows:

  1. TinyCat is Everywhere.
  2. TinyCat loves everybody's cuddles.
  3. TinyCat is tinier than any other cat EVER.
  4. TinyCat can be killed but is still everywhere and alive.
  5. TinyCat was everywhere before there was even anywhere to be.
  6. TinyCat is one of the only beings capable of killing a Ninja for good.
  7. TinyCat pushed Chuck Norris into Segata Sanshiro once and watched them fight from inside all four of their fists at once, just because he could.
  8. If this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight TinyCat.


Femm is short for Furry Epic Macarthur Meet, an event that is held within the Campbelltown and Macarthur region of New South Wales, Australia on a convenient common date for all furs who accept to accompany the next Femm.

Femm 1 was organised for the 21st of December 2007 at Macarthur Square.

Femm 2 was organised for the 19th of January 2008 at Dumaresq Street Cinema.

Femm Furs[edit]

The attendees of Femm 1 were:

  • Lead organiser - Koneko
  • Gambling correspondent - Nankil

As well as the furs from Femm 1, Femm 2 also included:

  • Weaponry expert - Fima

Events and origins[edit]

The first Femm began with a small meet in Macarthur Square between the three furry friends and was used to fill the gaps in Koneko's schedule. Some casual shopping was made before the Femm members played in the Playtime arcade, an action that befit the day as an 'small yet epic furry meet' due to Nankil and Flay winning a total of 850 tickets on the Sonic Adventure Jackpot Bonanza arcade machine.

Not long after, the trio partook in a small shopping experience at the Square's Woolworths for groceries Koneko desperately needed. Afterwards, taking a short trip to Koneko's house to engage in furry conversation and amusing flash animations.

Femm 2 began with Enigma's arrival at Koneko's house (the heart of Femm and the official location of which this article's editing occurs) where the two furs briefly indulged in furry-art conversation. Soon after arriving together at the local cinema to meet with the others. After the film, the five furs were jammed into Enigma's car much in the fashion of clowns in a clown car.

The final event of Femm 2 was the attendance of Koneko's 20th birthday party in his home. Activities included reading of South Fur Lands, the discussion and demonstration of Koneko's katana (Nekotsumegin), We Love Katamari and Blitzball.

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