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Komica is an imageboard, mainly in traditional Chinese, powered by Pixmicat! imageboard software. Topics are generally about anime in nature. Anonymous posts and comments are allowed and encouraged in almost all sectors, including the kemono board. It has been online since 2005.

Komica is sometimes nicknamed 糟糕島 ("Awful Island or Perverted Island"), after a joke topic.

Kemono board[edit]

The Kemono (Beast) board (ケモノ or 獸) is operated by 幻夢狐八雲. Topics are for the most part about kemono media (mostly Asian with some Western examples), with posts about fursuits being welcome. Mature content is not allowed on this board. Another group of affiliated image boards, Komica2, deals with mature content. The Kemono board in Komica2 is labelled ケモノ裏.

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