Komega Purr

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Komega Purr is the villainess in Kitty Omega by Kelvin the Lion. Species-wise, she is a Bengal tiger.

In Kitty Omega, Komega is a cold-blooded, ice-hearted criminal, with enough insanity to attempt an alien invasion. Upon being tried for a list of pre-existing offences, she enhanced herself to have an advanced ability to escape. With Cytose and fellow Furcentral cops hot on her trail, Komega escaped as fast as she could run like any desperate criminal. Upon leading them to her mansion hideout, and with the secret help of Trevor, Komega tricked her cop opponents, who were about to re-arrest her, into taking off into orbit, where Trevor and his fleet of space tigers carried out an invasion.

Komega's fuzzy, purry feelings for Trevor did not last long. A rather devastating crushing secret Trevor revealed deceived Komega. After turning over a new leaf, Komega not only decided to dump Trevor, but she since disappeared off into space and has not been seen again since.