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Koi Lovecarp is a water-loving canine who was born in 1985 in Ottawa, Canada, where she still lives. She was introduced to the furry fandom through The Lion King fandom, but has had interests in furry media all of her life.

Outside of furry fandom, Koi is active in the anime, hentai, and cosplay fandoms under a different alias.


Koi gave herself the surname "Lovecarp" to differentiate herself from any other people in the fandom named "Koi". Her surname is a pun, as "love" and "carp" are two different meanings of the word "koi" in Japanese, although the words are written with different Kanji and are pronounced differently.

She signs her name as either "Koi" or "Koi L.C.".

Koi's last name indicates two things about her. "Love" indicates her beliefs, which involve loving and respecting the Earth and its creatures. "Carp" indicates her love of fish and anything aquatic. Koi's surname was also inspired by the author H.P. Lovecraft and the character Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter book and film series.


Koi's main fursona is a colorful Chihuahua. Her colors change depending on how she feels (as well as what the particular artist drawing her decides), but she typically is any any combo of blue, green, turquoise, purple, white, grey, and silver. Like Chihuahuas always are, Koi is short, and like her player is in real life, she is chubby. She is sometimes drawn with butterfly or raven wings.


"Fexli" are the fictional species in the stories Koi has been writing since she was very young. They appear to be cats, but are actually a hybrid of cat, alien, and human. The males and the females are very different-looking and are therefore easy to tell apart. Koi is currently working on redesigning the males, due to comments on how "plain" they look in comparison to the females.

So far, the story has around 12 characters, but Koi has not yet released any drafts of the main story. The story has a few comedic and light/cute aspects, but it is overall fairly serious, has dark elements, and asks philosophical questions.


Koi's first semi-furry convention was C-ACE 2006. She also attended C-ACE 2007, which was its final year. Additionally, Koi attended Feral! 2007 and Feral! 2008.

She can also be found at certain anime events.

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