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Knuffy (born January 12, 1978) has been a babyfur/lilfur since 1999. His fursona is a white wolf who likes to "help others that are going through hard times and try to help them get over it".

In real life, Knuffy was born in Alton, Illinois, United States, lived in Fisk, Missouri, but now resides in Waltonville, Illinois. He keeps to himself, only talking to friends and no one else. He will not ask for commissions and does not usually draw for anyone outside of his fur family, which includes Kijibwa, Roxy, Sierra, Shadowcat (fatherfur), Marcus, Roo, Kit Cody, and Karin Kitsune.

Stories and art[edit]

Knuffy is a writer of stories and poetry, a roleplayer, and an artist. His writings often feature Pokemon, Digimon or Care Bears, but the subject matter of most of his stories are babyfurs and lilfurs. His stories are not very long and are intended for young children to read. Knuffy has authored 9 stories as of July 10, 2012 with his babyfur/lilfur characters, plus other characters that he created in his 7 years of roleplaying. His art mostly consists of the characters that he writes about in his stories.

Main characters[edit]

Knuffy has many characters that he uses as the subject for his stories, including:

Knuffy also roleplays with these characters.


Knuffy also roleplays with the characters from his stories. He is into forum-style roleplay and is constantly creating new characters. When roleplaying, he can often be found in the company of Kijibwa, Roxy and Sierra.

When not writing, drawing or roleplaying, Knuffy enjoys playing video games, watching movies and sports, and upgrading his computer. Knuffy is also the founder and planner of the Mt. Vernon, IL Fur club.

Account theft[edit]

Knuffy's accounts have been stolen on at least two separate occasions. Someone had posed as an admin on deviantArt, and asked Knuffy for his password. Knuffy gave not only his deviantArt password, but also passwords to his email, which lead to the compromise of his forum accounts as well. This account thief uploaded pictures from shock websites onto his deviantArt profile and to roleplay forums under his account name.

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