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Knight Fox resides in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Knight is mated to Alpha Raye and is a member of the Derby City Furs. He is also a sword-collector, and is involved in the webcast, hosted by Nik Vulper and Gir Tygrin, Method 1. He has attended Anthrocon twice, and Midwest Fur Fest once. He will be attending Furry Connection North 2009, where it is rumored he will be on stage for live Method 1 recording. Knight Fox is also dabbled in the written arts, having a few short stories on Fur Affinity.

The Species

The Tokala are a species of human-like vulpines that have lived among humans for a long time. More times then a few those that have revealed themselves to the human public have been called freaks or worse and usually disregarded completely at best. Thus, the species have went the exact opposite of humanity, where humanity drifted toward technology, the Tokala specialized in the arcane. They are vulnerable much like any other human, but when allowed on the Earth, the higher power that allowed them set up precautions against any evil ones trying to take over humans. The female members of the Blue Fire Line. Acting as the Tokalan Enforcers, the Blue Fire angels can slay the Tokala in moments, acting like a poison to the species, along with the fire attributes.

The Character

Knight Fox was born Mathis Zachery Craven. His mother, Aurora Craven, a celestial Tokala, fell in love with his father, Damien Craven, a demonic Tokala, after returning to the living plane to help guide wayward souls. The two were able to conceive Knight simply through the product of a miracle. The night of the child's birth, Damien had to return to the Underworld with the dark one. Aurora was allowed to raise her child to his twenty-first year. Both parents leaving him, he noticed that after twenty one, he stopped aging. Knight is a six foot Tokala, well built, with a crop of dark brown hair, and compassionate brown eyes. His eyes however will become a pupil-less red when overcome with an emotion. He also usually wears a pair of black jean shorts with a red sash belt holding them around his waist.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his heritage, he has the ability to sprout a pair of human sized black feathered wings. His father created a blade in the fires of the Underworld, called Ragnarok. He is a skilled swordsmen, having lived most of the time frames that involve the blade as the primary weapon. He still uses it, but will often use the martial arts that he's developed over his extended life span. His martial arts experience is extensive, and he is knowledgeable in most fighting arts of humans. He is even the creator of a martial art designed around his superior speed and strength, which he called Shin-Youkai-Do, which translated from Japanese, means Flawless Way of the Demon. Also, he has developed the ability to manipulate his spiritual energy, called ki. He is adapt with it, able to use energy blast, ranging from anything to standard point and shoot to a kind of proximity mine like blasts that can be detonated at a thought, and even able to manipulate the type of energy it represents. His powers illuminate his body in a silver light, that can make him look rather intimidating.