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Klaus Doberman is a furry artist from the United Kingdom, now currently living in Germany whose artwork is primarily non-morphic and erotic. His personal fursona is a Doberman Pinscher. He is best known for his furotic fan art of many movies and series, including:

Klaus reported having received a threatening cease and desist-type letter from the corporation owning Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and he quickly pulled all of his fan art furotica offline, posted several messages requesting it never be reposted nor redistributed anywhere, and gradually replaced them with more original and generic pieces, and a few lightly disguised fan art pieces.

Klaus described himself to Chibiabos as having been inspired by TOR and aspiring to match TOR's mastery for non-morphic furry art, then retire from making furry art.

As of 2023, he is now taking a break from the fandom, possibly indefinitely.[1] However, he later returned.

Online art and disputed reappearances[edit]

Klaus announced in 2004 that he was moving that year to Dubai for a job, and would return after an unspecified amount of time. As part of the move, expressing concern over stringent anti-pornography laws in the United Arab Emirates, he requested all of his artwork (including his original and non-adult pieces) be taken offline. This included the archives of several furotic Yahoo! groups (especially those featuring his works based on characters from mainstream animated films) and Yiffstar.

Since that time, despite Klaus' posted and private requests prior to his disappearance, various furs have re-posted much of his art, especially the fan art pieces Klaus had pulled offline following the Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron cease and desist notice on Yahoo! groups, fchan and other forums. A few brief re-surfacings purporting to be Klaus Dobermann have been made that other furs, claiming to be still in contact with Klaus, have accused as being unauthorized impersonations. Most of these brief, disputed reappearances used the klausdoberman Yahoo! account, which after the first "reappearance" was believed by some to have been hacked. This has not been confirmed, but despite word that Klaus has been working on new artwork while in the UAE (drawn, just not scanned in nor uploaded anywhere), none of the artwork uploaded to various Yahoo! groups under the klausdoberman Yahoo! account has been new (every piece had already been online in various archives prior to Klaus' move to Dubai), and much of it was fan art Klaus had originally pulled offline after the legal threat from the makers of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

A notable "reappearance" happened on Jul 15, 2006, when a person claiming to be Klaus posted a message on a yahoo group in German (I don't think Klaus speaks or writes in German) and claimed to be from East Germany and that the East German government had very strict internet laws. He was obviously fake seeing as East Germany ceased to exist in 1990, so East Germany and the "modern" internet never existed at the same time.

September — October 2006 return[edit]

In a Yahoo! group recreated after Klaus' original group (that was deleted and recreated seemingly by an impostor), AnimalCartoons, a member purporting to be Klaus Dobermann posted a message with the subject line of "ALL NEW NEVER SEEN BEFORE KLAUS ART!" on 24 September 2006, linking to a new group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Klausart/

The post contained a similar claim to a previous post claiming to be the "real Klaus" with new art but instead was just a re-upload of old Klaus art. This new group differs in that it does, indeed, have genuine new art that has not been seen before. While the coloring in some is primitive, the art is described as unfinished sketches at this point, and the line art appears reminiscent of Klaus' talent, style, and subject preferences.

Given there does appear to be new original art in Klaus' style, this reappearance seems to be genuine.

Shortly after the new group was opened with more than two dozen uploads in the first two days, an individual calling themselves "Richard Paine" posted to the group providing a link to an older archive of Klaus' art that included Klaus' erotic fan art of copyrighted characters. The Klaus Doberman who opened the group and uploaded the new, original art responded (after several Yahoo! group users pointed out the archive violated Klaus' requests prior to his original withdrawal from the Internet) that the archive, stamped with Klaus' e-mail and stamp dated 09/22/2005 for the archive (well within Klaus' apparent 2004-to-2006 disappearance), was fraudulently attributed to him. Included in the archive of Klaus' old art is fan art long forbidden by Klaus due to "cease and desist" legal threats made to Klaus by the intellectual property owners of the movies Klaus drew characters from, and in his debunking of the archive against having been uploaded by himself, Klaus re-iterated banishment of fan art he had drawn from being reposted anywhere.

These quotes are from posts in the Klausart group:

From:     "Richard Paine"
To:	  Klausart@yahoogroups.com
Date:	  Mon, 25 Sep 2006 01:06:11 -0000
Subject:  [Klausart] here's some pictures

http://www.wwoec. com/[...]
-- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Klausart/message/52

(This is a link to a Yahoo! group post; free membership to Yahoo! Groups and subscription to the "Klausart" required for access)

(Actual URL censored in the quote to avoid conflict with artist's request against such archives and integrity of Wikifur; actual URL is contained in the above-linked original post)

Note the extra spaces in the URL in the post, which was in HTML and not plain-text format, was just an anchor tag linked to the site; the actual link contained no spaces.

From:	  "klausdoberman2501"
To:       Klausart@yahoogroups.com
Date:	  Mon, 25 Sep 2006 16:07:21 -0000
Subject:  [Klausart] Re: here's some pictures

No, this gallery has got nothing to do with me. I have been away since
September 2004, these were uploaded seemingly just shy of a year later
and I've not been back at any point until now and had access to
an uncensored Internet. As such, I could never have set this gallery up.

Also, I would certainly never have included any of the art I did
featuring that certain horse. I might draw him for myself, but after
my run-in, I'm never going to put them online.

I guess it was naive in many ways for me to assume people would not
stick my art in all sorts of places I wouldn't want it to be, but with
this newer stuff, I would hope people might think before doing so.
Then again, this is the Internet and there are som right fuck-ups out

By the way, should anyone fancy colouring these new pics, please feel
free. I have to scan a few more pieces.

-- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Klausart/message/62

(This is a link to a Yahoo! group post; free membership to Yahoo! Groups and subscription to the "Klausart" required for access)

Klaus tended to sign in l33t prior to his 2004 withdrawal from the Internet.

On 4 October 2006, however, Klaus had returned to Saudi Arabia and his incommunicado status. He did, this time, leave up his new art archive in the Yahoo! group.

Klaus had been visiting England and Los Angeles. He has updated his Fur Affinity and SoFurry pages during this time.


Klaus' roar is Charon2's only roar in A Growing Concern.


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