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Christer Jensen

Kixt Norkazz, also known as Immorale Punk, Christer Jensen and The Crazed Wolf of Norway (born 1989), is a furry fan from Telmark, Norway.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Kixt found the furry fandom when he was 8, having a fascination with anthro animals and games featuring anthros. This led him to explore further into the fandom. Kixt is most often found hanging around in furry communities, such as the EuroFurence Forums, the Furry Teens community, and the Norwegian Paws community.


His fursona is a black-furred timber wolf with midnight blue eyes and long black unkempt hair. He often wears a blood-red sweater and a black trenchcoat, as well as fingerless gloves and hanging brown cargo pants.

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