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Kitutal, or Kit (born October 4,[1] 1988),[2] is a furry artist whose fursona is a white kitten. The full name Kitutal (which translates roughly as "kitten", or "small cat") was meant as an online username rather than a character name, instead both the real-world individual and his main fursona have since picked up the nickname 'Kit'. He also maintains an alter-ego fursona named Shadow, who is a black cat which represents a suppressed 'inner adult' of seriousness and maturity.

Kitutal is an autistic fur who resides in Portsmouth, England,[2] where he moved to attend university, though since 2013 he has been studying Physics at the Open University, (having failed his earlier Architecture degree). He is a member of both the HantsFurs and KentFurs, dividing his time between his family home in East Kent and shared student accommodation in Portsmouth.

Kitutal joined the furry fandom in early 2012, having been inspired to learn more about it from a growing friendship with a number of furs on various internet forums. From there, he created accounts on as many websites as possible, and attended furmeets at widespread locations almost every week.[citation needed] He organised his own meet in December, after two previous failed attempts. By February he was looking into setting up the convention that eventually evolved into Fur Isle, working with other HantsFurs members. He attended both ConFuzzled and Eurofurence in 2012 and in 2013, still eagerly getting involved in many aspects of the fandom, including organising meets and online discussion groups for Portsmouth Furs. He has fetishes for muscle furs, hyper and inflatables, evidence of this can be seen through out his adult FurAffinity gallery.

Kitutal also owns Kitutal Toys, an inflatable toy design company that has since diversified into 3D printing and other related ventures.


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