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Kittydog (Real Name: Zola, born February 6, 2003) is an animator, Artist and YouTuber from Seattle, Washington. They are possibly best known for creating furry based animation memes featuring their main OC Crystal who is also considered to be their fursona. They are currently the most subscribed channel in both the animation meme and furry communities with over 533,000 subscribers as of December 2018.[1] They also do fursuiting videos as well.


Main Channel[edit]

Kittydog started her main YouTube channel on May 3, 2014. Most of her content usually consists of flash-animated memes featuring her characters which includes Crystal. Her characters are generally considered to be gender-fluid as well. Kittydog is also known for being involved in the creation of many memes in the animation meme community.

Fursuiting Channel[edit]

This channel which is referred to "kittydogcrystal" was created on August 3, 2018 after Kittydog decided against uploading her fursuit content on her main channel after doing a poll on YouTube. She currently has over 22,000 subscribers on the channel.[2]


As previously described, Kittydog uses her characters in her animations. She created a fictional universe which is called "Kittydog Universe".

The main characters of this universe include:

  • Crystal - The most popular OC created by her and is considered the face and icon of her entire profile. This includes her profile picture and banner.
  • Boob friend of crystal also has a crush on her
  • Wafflecopter - One of her other well-known characters.
  • Crufflevoid version of crystal she says its based upon her old self.
  • Fluffen crystals mom. She is a cat.
  • Pupperscrystals dad.he is a dog


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