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Kittrel, or Kitt for short, also known as Crystal Gafford, is an artist and fursuiter based in eastern Pennsylvania, USA. Her fursona is a coyote; she also has a mouse fursuit, Brie.[1]

Fandom life[edit]

Kittrel joined the fandom in 1997 through Furcadia as a coyote and then moved on to FurryMUCK and eventually Second Life. She is a regular attendee of Anthrocon, Further Confusion and FurFright, as well as participating in local furry meets in the Philadelphia area.

As an aside to artwork, she also dabbles in the construction of fursuits and makes various items of clothing, blankets, ears and tails, and can often be seen selling plushies at the various conventions she attends.[needs further explanation]

She was featured as the cover artist on the Anthrocon 2008 miniguide.

Real life[edit]

Kittrel runs her own business, Crafty as a Coyote, and is a freelance artist and designer, published illustrator of childrens' books, and takes on random part-time work to help ends meet. She is married to SkippyFox.[2]


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