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Richael Michels's sex offender registry photo

Kitteh (real name Richael Lynn Michels, born June 17, 1964), is a furry fan from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.


In 2009, she plead guilty and was convicted of having committed misdemeanor sexual assault and unlawful sexual conduct against a 16-year-old boy. She was also put on seven other charges, including felony sexual assault, but these charges were dropped after her conviction.[1]

She was arrested in July 2009, although prosecutors have not said what led to her arrest.[2] Michaels, who attended furmeets normally dressed in cat ears, admitted that she had sex with an unnamed 16-year-old, but claimed in her defense that she suffered from Bi-polar disorder, for which she is now receiving treatment.[1]

It was reported that Michels kissed the boy intimately at the Fort Collins furmeet on several occasions, and one also reported the two had engaged in sexual acts.[1]

Michels was sentenced to be put on the sex offenders registry for at least 10 years, is barred from seeing anyone under 18 except her own two children, spend 120 days on electronic home monitoring and perform 200 hours of useful public service over the next four years.[2][1]


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