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Strawberrykit (aka Jinxie, Jinxiekat or Kamaka, born November 1986) is an anime and anthro artist. She lives in West Texas with her boyfriend, SRAKE.


Jinxie is Strawberrykit's primary fursona. She is a tall, odd-colored unconventional calico housecat with pink and blue splotches and mid-length blonde hair. She is a misfit and gets more enjoyment from a night in playing video games or watching TV than going out clubbing or drinking, unlike most of her peers.

Her secondary fursona, Kittatinny, is a two-tailed pink/neon blue cat with long sea-green hair. She is primarily pink and has blue markings on her tail, stomach, hand- and foot-paws, face, and tips of her ears. She is a typical raver chick.

Lastly, her sort of 'joke' fursona is a goofy Danish rabbit named Snowpuff. She is mostly white, except for light pink markings on her paws, nose, tail and ears. Her ears and tail also have 'sprinkles' on them (which is just a custom dye-job). Her hair is short and blonde, with long purple and green bangs. She is also a raver, but moreso for the super-cheesy, syrupy bubblegum dance music. Her, along with SRAKE's alter-ego, Starcrunch, make up the musical duo "Sprinkel Bunnies."


Strawberrykit (under the moniker Jinxie) worked on all three installments of Renard Queenston's Mungyodance series, making song graphics and stepcharts in all three, and even lending her voice (albeit mostly jokingly) in a few songs in Mungyodance 3 as the Sprinkel Bunnies and Pinky Larude.

She also runs Hi-jinx Creations, under which she sells colorful homemade cat ears and tails.

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