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Map of the Fur Valleys region, 3/22/2022
Cub Conclave's flags fly proud

The Fur Valleys (often known as "The Valleys") are a group of island simulations (also known as "regions" or inaccurately as "sims") within Second Life. The Valleys in Second Life are located in the southwestern area of the grid.


The first region in this chain, Fox Valley, was created as a private island in November 2005 by RedFox Costello in order to form a furry area apart from Dreamland, due to a difference of opinions between RedFox and Anshe Chung. In 2006, Kithylin Perth ordered 2 sims(Wolf Valley & Tiger Valley) which were attached to Fox Valley, creating the heart of the Valley continent. Wolf Valley was sold to Mako Minogue in June of 2006(It continues to be primarily a residential region featuring a beach hangout, an art gallery and Bunny Brewster's "Bunnythedral", which is one of the oldest builds in the entire continent), Tiger Valley was sold to Foxkin Impfondo, and Fox Valley remained with Redfox

At the height of its creation, the Fur Valleys contained 44 regions furs could explore and enjoy. In 2009, Jack Linden increased region prices, eliminated the Non-Profit break, and had all void sims converted over to either homesteads or open spaces. This led to a checkerboard pattern as the change forced several regions to go offline, and in some cases created islands stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Region prices have since been reduced. As of 3/10/2017 all regions owned by Foxkin have been taken offline due to his death in February 2017.


Around 2019 the valleys started to resemble two continents consisting of Redfox's Fox Valleys to the south, and what was left of the original valley sims to the north. Sometime in the middle of 2019, Serenity Woods moved away and joined the FOX regions. Around this time six regions showed up to form a middle continent. These regions do not have Valley attatched to them. They are: Evershift, Monster, ZigZag, Rapter Isle, and Cheetopia. Evershift is a roleplay region and Rapter Isle is a sandbox. Monster mysteriously went offline and has remained so as of 12/2020. Around March 2020 Vixen Valley showed up at the end of Fox Valley Forest and is owned by Redfox Costello.

The Original Regions[edit]

This is a condensed version

Region Name Brought Online By Later Sold To Date Created Date Removed
Fae Valley Alynna Vixen 5/2006? unknown
Fox Valley Redfox Costello 2005 still online
Wolf Valley Kithylin Perth Mako Minogue 6/2006 still online
Kitsune Valley Alynna Vixen Snowmeow Soothsayer 2006 5/7/2011
Istaria Prime Crawler Woyseck 2/2006 still online
Serenity Woods Foxkin Impfondo Ron Overdrive, Mako Minogue, Curt Pascal 6/2006 still online
Critter Valley Kodi Sachs Snowmeow Soothsayer 2006 5/8/2011
Zeta Valley Wolphin Fluffball 6/2006 still online
Cub Conclave Raven Welesa unknown 10/12/2012
Kit Estates Ravel Welesa unknown 10/12/2012
Jaguar Valley unknown Mako Minogue 1/20/2017 still online
Pony Island Crissa Javelin 2007 5/2/2010
Lovecraft Forest unknown unknown 2/2007 4/2008
Pony Bay Crissa Javelin,Mako Minogue unknown unknown
FlyinTails Airfield unknown unknown unknown unknown
Furry Park Effsey Nelson Equino Faulkland 2007 unknown
Horse Valley Horse Pony,Phillip Vought 4/2008 12/21/2011
Equus Beach Horse Pony,Phillip Vought 5/2008 6/12/2011
Warewolf Sea Snowmeow Soothsayer 7/2008 1/10/2009
Tiger Valley Kithylin Perth Foxkin Impfondo 2006 3/25/2017
Rabbit Valley Redfox Costello Kenzo Clan,Foxkin Impfondo,Redfox Costello unknown still online
Dragon Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/25/2017
Ryu Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/25/2017
Falcon Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/25/2017
Neko Valley Foxkin Impfondo 11/2006 3/25/2017
Otter Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/25/2017
Cheetah Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/25/2017
Ferret Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/25/2017
Ocelot Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 6/26/2014
Meerkat Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 10/25/2015
Cougar Valley Foxkin Impfondo 6/2007 3/13/2017
Lynx Valley Foxkin Impfondo 6/2007 3/12/2017
Mink Valley Foxkin Impfondo 6/2007 12/14/2008
Lemming Valley Foxkin Impfondo 6/2007 3/12/2017
Skunk Valley Foxkin Impfondo 2010 3/25/2017
Howling Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/13/2017
Pride Rock Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/25/2017
Lion Valley Foxkin Impfondo unknown 3/25/2017
Voids/Seas/etc..* Foxkin Impfondo various 2009
  • The Voids/Seas were Dragons, Kitsune, Strianic, Onyx, BlueRay, Drakes, Geckos, Moonlight, Sydney, Crocodile Rock, Dolphin Deep, Kitten Cove, Racoon Lagoon, Salamander, Yin, and Yang, and were owned by Foxkin Impfondo.

The Future[edit]

All attempts at restoring the original 44 valley regions in other virtual worlds have failed and are no longer discussed.

Update History[edit]

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