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Kitsune Sniper, as drawn by Rocko K. Wulfe
Kitsune Sniper is a furry fan who's used the aforementioned name since 1996. Contrary to what the name might lead you to believe, he does not snipe foxes.

Kitsune was born in Mexico on June 28, 1980, but since his mother was born in the United States, he has both Mexican and U.S. citizenships. He is also an English-Spanish translator, and is proficient in both languages.

He is not well known in the furry community, and generally keeps a low profile. However, he is best known for his video game translations; some examples of his previous and current translations are available at his website, Vice Translations.

Origin of the name[edit]

The name 'Kitsune Sniper' is based upon an original nickname which he chooses not to reveal; a part of it, however, was 'Fox'. A few years later, he first read the name 'Kitsune' in the SNES videogame called ShadowRun; but since it was a female name in the game, he thought nothing of it. When he learned about the meaning of the word in Japanese, he adopted the name for himself. The 'Sniper' in his name is a reference to his skill with lightgun games such as Duck Hunt, Time Crisis II or Crisis Zone. He has been using the same nickname since 1996.

OMG he's a furry![edit]

However, to his surprise, back in 2001 he was told that he was a furry... when he didn't even know what that was. A few people on IRC accused him of being a furry, and even said that he wasn't a real one. Not knowing what that meant, he ignored that comment - but it made him think furries were real jerks.

A few years later he found out what the furry fandom was thanks to some inquisitive forum posters he befriended, and realized that he was a furry, in one way or another. So he accepted that part of his life and moved on.

Videogame translations[edit]

His favorite hobby is romhacking; in essence, he takes a ROM dump of a Japanese videogame, modifies it with specialized tools, and changes the code so the game and its graphics are in English. While he does most of the modifications, he relies upon English-Japanese translators who help him with the basic script translation.

To date, he has translated thirteen different games from Japanese to English, and one game from English to Spanish. Among the Japanese to English translations he's released are Akumajou Densetsu, Wai Wai World 2, Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, and Karnov.

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