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Kitsuhana, formerly known as FurNation Kitsune, is the name of both a website and an Second Life sim ran by Alynna Vixen for kitsune and general otherkin.

History and current situation[edit]

As FurNation Kitsune[edit]

FurNation Kitsune, owned by Alynna Vixen, was originally Kitsune Valley. FurNation Kitsune moved to FurNation Worlds in May of 2006. The sim was Japanese themed and was 90% rental parcels.

In the center of the sim was a large Japanese dwelling known affectionately as Kitsuhana. It was the pet project of Alynna Vixen.

In a separate server[edit]

FurNation Kitsune was closed in 2007, and was removed from the FurNation Worlds region of Second Life; its replacement, OpenSim Kitsuhana, was launched in May 2008, with most of the central features of the sim having been duplicated over to the new grid.

As part of the Sunweavers block[edit]

This simulator, by 2010, was moved back exclusively to the primary Second Life grid and also hosts Club Fur in it. It is on the southeast edge of the Sunweavers continent and has a related homestead, Rainbow Wood, linked to its southern border.