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Kitsubaka is a person whose fursona species is a Swifthorn.


The Swifthorn Species[edit]

A Swifthorn is a alien species created by Kitsubaka.

  • Name: penni-Africorvulpes (Cave Swifthorn)
  • Environment: There are four subspecies of Swifthorn which have developed different characteristics depending on where they reside. They are aquatic, tundra, cave, and desert. All of the subspecies's culture differ slightly.
  • Type: Quad/bipedal
  • Bred from: Sythehorn (male) Vulvian (female)
  • Life span: The average individual may live from 100 to 150 years. Depending on the region and gender. Females tend to live longer.
  • Colours: The colours on the cave swifthorn are very bright like parrot’s feathers. The bright colours come from chemicals in their environment. The illuminated hairs are hollow allowing the bright skin to shine underneath. The purpose of the colours is to illuminate in the dark regions of their homeland, and to distinguish authority. The desert variety are earthy colours with pale skin. The tundra subspecies are very pale coloured and normally white with few black markings. The aquatics come in a large range of blues and greens.
  • Markings: Face markings usually consist of gazelle like stripes, sometimes with a "tear-drop" shape like that of a cheetah. The eye markings on other subspecies are used to block UV rays in harsh desert climates. Body markings are usually stripes or spots on the back, arms and tail. Other markings are painted on to show the individuals rank in society.
  • Diet: The diet of the Swifthorn consists mainly of fish. Local fruits are considered a delicacy.
  • Culture: The swift-horns main habit is to stitch iron threads through the ears of individuals. This is used to show army rank. The more lines the individual has, the higher the rank. Other cultural habits include painting symbols on the forehead to showing which family one belongs to. Each member of the family must have the same symbol but it may be tilted different ways.
  • Government: The leader of the government is called the "elder". They are voted in by majority vote and their term usually lasts until death. The "elder"; if they break major laws, will be exiled. Elders may be voted in as early as 25 years old.
  • Personality: Normally the Swift-horn is very competitive, they love to engage in sport like activities, or just a good one on one fight. Under stress they tend to have a hot temper, but are; most of the time, calm and passive. Traits really depend on the individual.
  • Body Description: The horns are normally long, straight, and thin on the female (think a gemsbok horn), they can however be slight curved upward or downward. On the male the horns are either curved and twisted into strange shapes. Usually with crystal like spikes adorning them. The Swifthorn may or may not have wings, but if they do they are dragon or bat like in appearance. Rough feather like protrusions have been reported on some specimens. The forearms are always paws ending in sickle like claws, the hind legs are hoofed with a "thumb" on the side. The male may have spikes on their feet. The tail is long, always with some sort of spike or blade like part. The females normally have the blades close to the middle of the tail, and the males have spikes, normally at the base, and sometimes at the tip or both. Their jaws are best described as crocodile like. With a permanent smile.
  • Normal Height: On four legs 5 ft 1' at the withers (base of the shoulder) on two legs (depending on age, sex, and parents) 11 ft and up.


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